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Cosmog, its evos, and Lillie
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Request for Jaeybird9 :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 7 4 Shiny Reshiram :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 54 11 Lilliegant :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 74 14 A Bunch of Old Miiverse Pokemon Posts :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 19 19 Limb Confusion :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 78 44 A Weird Story About a Gulpin :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 82 65 MarshMallow :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 72 24 Marshmallowshadow Peeps :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 66 24 Welcome to My DeviantArt Page :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 15 18 Asdfmovie10 Pokemon Crossover: Pew Pew I'm a Nebby :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 71 115 Why Nebby Doesn't Stay In the Bag :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 171 71 Biting Pear of Salamanca :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 16 22 NSFW!-Pyukumuku Dat @$$ :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 105 47 Alolan Cereal #5: Buzz the Ribombee :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 57 30 Alolan Cereal #4: Tony the Incineroar :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 108 43 Ni-cola :icongamesteraxela:GAmesterAxela 19 4

More of my newest art cuz screw the system XD
(and I will update it from time to time as a submit art):

A Weird Story About a Gulpin by GAmesterAxela MarshMallow by GAmesterAxela Marshmallowshadow Peeps by GAmesterAxela Asdfmovie10 Pokemon Crossover: Pew Pew I'm a Nebby by GAmesterAxela Why Nebby Doesn't Stay In the Bag by GAmesterAxela: Biting Pear of Salamanca by GAmesterAxela NSFW!-Pyukumuku Dat @$$ by GAmesterAxela Alolan Cereal #5: Buzz the Ribombee by GAmesterAxela Alolan Cereal #4: Tony the Incineroar by GAmesterAxela Ni-cola by GAmesterAxela Tapu Koko Cocoa by GAmesterAxela Alolan Cereal #2: Chip the Lycanroc by GAmesterAxela For the Birds: A Lobotomy Corporation Comic by GAmesterAxela Marowak+Mandibuzz by GAmesterAxela

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Cosmoem by GAmesterAxela

Honorable Mentions:

If Lillie Can Carry A Cosmoem... by GAmesterAxela NSFW!-Pyukumuku Dat @$$ by GAmesterAxela Punks and Grunts by GAmesterAxela
If you like what you see, I highly suggest you click the "Browse Gallery" Button :D


This isn't a Commision, It's Regarding Collabs, Art Trades, Requests, Etc.

Art Trade with Ccjay25: Prankster Ceci by GAmesterAxela Game and Shiny Ninetales by Ccjay25 Art Trade w/ :iconccjay25:
Collab with :iconfrostsh0ck:(click this link)…
Art Is... by FrostSh0ck Birthday Gift from :iconfrostsh0ck:
Request for Landasher12 by GAmesterAxela Request for :iconlandasher12:

I do Request, Collabs, Art Trades, and other stuff FOR FREE (Ignore the price thing here, its just  there cuz I put this in the commissions area) with other people, but I have a few rules: 
  1. Allow me to reject your offer for an art trade, collab, reqest etc. I am often busy due to school, especially since I'm going to college soon. I barely have time to do things and I am lucky to be able to draw the things I draw at all.
  2. The art trade, collab, request, etc. must be something reasonable and must be something I know I'm able to draw, like pokemon for example, because I draw pokemon like all the time.
Pokemon Fanart (250 points or $2.50)
Please note! I am new to commissions so I might not know exactly what to do. I cannot mail them to you since I am a minor and my parents wouldn't allow it. I could submit them on Deviant Art and/or I email the picture to you unless you have a better idea on how I can give it to u.
Option 1: Single, just the pokemon
Example: Lurantis

Option 2: Contour Lined
Example: Alolan Ninetales
Option 3: Theme
Examples: Pyukumuku with a Rabbit theme, Goomy with an Ice Cream theme.
Option 5: Mimikyus
Example: Darkrai Mimikyu

Option 6: Cute
Example: Shiny Reshiram

Please provide:

  • the option
  • the pokemon
  • the theme if option 3
  • the pokemon mimikyu will dress as if option 5
  • how I am going to send it to you

Please be specific.

Thanks! :3

Random Favourites

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Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru

These are really cool pictures from other Deviants.
You should check them out!

Ps. When you click on my Favorites it will direct you to an empty folder, but you can check the folders on the left side since I move all of my favorited artworks into collection folders to make them easier to find by category. :D
Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru Blue Sparkle Dividers by Namiiru


by drajhax

Hello, I don't usually do critiques (I've only done 3), but I felt like doing yours. For Vision: 5/5 stars The photo is very clear with...

by KunYKA

Hello. I don't usually do a critique, but I felt like doing yours :D For Vision: 5/5 Everything is clearly drawn and the colors are grea...

Hello, I don't usually do a critique, but I felt like doing yours :D For vision: 5/5 The colors are vibrant and pleasing to the eyes, pa...

by eagc7

I don't always do a Critique, but I decided to do yours. I think you might be my first Critique :o Anyway: For Vision, it is a bit hard ...

Don't expect me to do critiques too much. I just felt like doing it one day and this section came into existance.



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GAmesterAxela's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Status: Being a doof
Mood: Tired
Listening to: Youtube Vids
Reading: Kik chat
Watching: Youtube Vids
Playing: Fire Emblem Heroes
Eating: Cake
Drinking: Melted Cake

Check out my Youtube channel! Just Click my Youtube banner!
(Aka this pic right here)vvv

I just do some animations, some gameplay, some music, and other things when I have time.

Some Things About Me

Graffiti Prisoner by GAmesterAxela
*Zodiac Sign=Aries
*Chinese Zodiac Sign=Rabbit
*I love Neko Atsume, Battle cats, and own a bunch of cat stuff, but I'm a Dog person XD
*I play Nintendo Games on my 3ds and some app games like Unison League on my Ipad
*Favorite Pokemon: Charizard and Ninetales, as well as Mimikyu and Lycanroc (as shown in my gallery and groups)
*Favorite Pokemon Type: Fire and Poison
*Unison League: 170k gearscore Royal Protector (Soldier)
*I am a fan of many things. My gallery and groups would show my mains ones along with a few details in this picture.


My Planning "To Draw" List:
-Remakes of my old pokemon miiverse drawing posts (x10?)
-My Pokemon Team (x2)
-Kingdom hearts DDD
-pokemon regions
-lurantis and meinshao
-alolan exeggutor x2 (arceus, 3ds)
-incineroar wrestling
-Vanoss gaming fnaf
-Lobotomy corp (wolf x2)
My Planning "To Make a Comic of" List:
-Cosplay Adventures at Katsucon
-Real Life vs pokemon
-Pokemon airport
My "To Animate" List:
-Gladion and silvally animation 2
My "To Type Poems of" List:
My "To Type Stories of" List:
My "To Make Pixel Art of" List:
~Nothing atm~ (im still learning how to)
My "To Scuplt" List:
~Nothing atm~
My Other List:
-origami kartana
300 Watchers!
I usually don't post this kind of stuff, but I feel like I need to now cuz I need to thank you guys for this! 
When I was younger and drew only traditionally in a notebook, I made several pages full of all pokemon with each page being each region. Example: one page would just be all 151 kanto pokemon and so on. (However I stopped at the Unova region cuz school took over my life lol)

I kind of want to eventually (when I have time) remake this digitally (or just want to draw every single pokemon XD) in the artstyle like my reshiram here.
Shiny Reshiram by GAmesterAxela

However, is it best to crowd so much pokemon onto on canvas/page? Like this?
Or should I do certain groups with certain themes like one page is all the fire starters?
Or would it be better to just draw pokemon individually like reshiram?

I had a great Birthday. I enjoyed all the birthday greetings and I am very thankful for the greetings and presents. 

If I missed someone who is supposed to be in this list (cuz sometimes I'm clumsy), I apologize in advance. If you are supposed to be included in this list, please comment that I missed you and I will add you. 


Art Is... by FrostSh0ck gift from :iconfrostsh0ck:

For those who have seen my page, I have a featured "Welcome to my DeviantArt Page" drawing, which is this:

Today I made a new version.
Welcome to My DeviantArt Page by GAmesterAxela

Do you guys like the new one better?
I am using safari on an Ipad to access deviantart and I've noticed that sometimes the whole site just starts to have a spasm while I try to scroll down.
Should I report this? Is this really an issue with deviantart or safari/my Ipad?
I'm trying to get the biting pear badge and I already have submitted a biting pear deviation. The biting pear category isn't coming up though...

What am I suppose to do? Did I really miss the badge? 

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You can also pay for commissions through here...somehow? (Idk cuz I haven't gotten a commision X3)
You don't need to donate unless you are feeling really generous.

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  If Krieg and Pearl met face to face? [rough draft] by SamBiswas95

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